Collaboration, Teams, & New Groups

Today's new pricing announcement brings with it the ability for individual developers to deploy, manage, and scale apps with Nanobox for free (yep... free). But if you're not rolling solo, there's new collaboration and team functionality as well – the ability to create application groups inside your team and assign specific users to groups.

Imagine this: You're part of a decently sized team. All of you are registered under a single, flat-priced Nanobox team account and are building out a project comprised of multiple micro-services - an api, a static front-end, a data-heavy backend. Each micro-service is maintained by specific developers and deployed as individual apps.

What if you don't want everybody on your team to have direct access to your data-heavy backend? What if one of your backend devs decides he wants to go rogue and deploy his untested front-end magic on the static site? What if one of your marketing guys decides to take a crack modifying the api. No bueno, right? With the new "group" functionality, you can create application groups within your team, assign team members, and limit who can deploy and manage what apps.

Building Teams & Groups

In order to divide your team into groups, you need to create a new team or upgrade an existing team to the new "Business" collaboration account.

Creating a New Team

If you don't have a team yet, click on your user avatar in the top right corner of your Nanobox dashboard and click "Create a new team".

Create a New Team

Select "Business" and name your team.

New Team Details

Confirm the monthly total, select a payment method, and click "Submit".

Upgrading an Existing Team

To upgrade an existing team, switch into the context of your team and go to your Team Admin.

Team Context

Go to "Account Plan" section and click "Manage Teams" under "Collaboration".

Account Plan - Manage Teams

Select "Business":

Select the Business Team

Click "Next", confirm the monthly charges, and "Submit".

Add Team Members

In your team admin, go to the "Members" section. Here you can add existing Nanobox users to your team. Enter in their username and assign them a role.

Add Team Members

Once added, they will be sent an invitation to join the team.

Create a New Group

With your team members added, go to the "App Groups" section of your Team Admin and click "Create a Group". Here you can name your group, assign apps, and add team members.

Create a New Group

Only members of each group will be able to access the app(s) assigned to the group and you can create as many groups as you need.

A few things to note:

  • An app can only belong to one group, but users can belong to multiple groups.
  • User permissions within a group are inherited from the role to which they were assigned when added to the team.

That's It!

You now have the ability to grant or restrict access of team members to specific applications. Groups, apps, and users can be changed on the fly and all permissions are adjusted automatically across the affected apps.

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