Nanobox is Now Free For Developers

Yes, that's right. Free. If you're a developer working on your own apps, deploy and manage them with Nanobox at no cost from us.

That's likely the detail most are going to remember from today's pricing announcement. You probably have questions. Hopefully I can answer them.


It's simple really. Because developers are awesome and we want you to be even more awesome with Nanobox.

Nanobox is built for developers, but most individual devs don't have a ton of extra cash laying around. What they do have, they aren't looking to spend on something they haven't proven. Getting rid of the monthly "paywall" allows developers to get in and put Nanobox through its paces without a monetary commitment. It gives them a chance to really see if it's a good fit for them and a good home for their production apps.

There is also a natural evolution that we see all the time – a developer proves Nanobox and adopts the workflow, then takes it to their employer where it provides even more value and where the budget is a little less constrained.

What's the Catch?

Honestly, there is no catch. All individual accounts are free. This means you can deploy and manage your apps to your cloud provider of choice with no monthly fee from Nanobox. You're still responsible for your raw server cost, which is all handled through your provider. App upgrades are still optional add-ons (now account-wide), but they typically aren't necessary for the types of projects individual devs are deploying.

How Are We Going to Make Money?

This is a legitimate question and one we've gotten from users who have previewed the new pricing model. There are three primary channels of revenue:


Teams allow you to collaborate with others on deployed applications and offer access control through user roles. With this new pricing rollout, we've introduced "Business" teams, which provide more granular access control for team members. You can read about the new "group" functionality here.


Upgrades provide additional functionality to deployed applications. Currently the only upgrade available is the ability to scale into horizontal clusters, but in the coming months, we'll be releasing others including automated alerts, auto-scaling, redundant data clusters, etc.

Support Plans

Most developers are more than willing to oversee their own infrastructure and deal with issues as they arise. For those looking for a little more assurance and help, we offer support plans to match any size of application or company. These plans can be catered to your needs and/or your organization's needs. More information is available on our pricing page.


Have at it! Nanobox is yours to try. Sign up for free.

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