3 Projects in 2 Days Trend on Hacker News & Github

Throwback Post – This article was initially published November 18, 2015 on the Nanobox blog. When all of this happened, we were still in early alpha navigating our way through some very complex problems. It's fun to look back and realize how far we've come.

Since we were so early in our development cycle, we weren't really ready for all the attention that came from this, but man, it was cool.

It has been a crazy and exciting week here at Nanobox. Last Friday we announced our open-source initiative and released our collection of open source projects under the Nanopack organization. Little did we know the snowball effect these projects would have on spreading the word about Nanobox.

In the last two days, three projects, Mist, Yoke, and Nanobox, have hit the front page of Hacker News and are trending on Github. In fact, the Nanopack organization is currently the #4 global trending developer and the #2 trending Go developer on Github.

#1, #3, and #4 Trending Go Projects on Github
Trending Go Projects on Github

#4 Trending Worldwide Dev on Github
Trending Worldwide dev on Github

#2 Trending Go Dev on Github
Trending Go Devs on Github


Let me just say that nobody in our team ever expected this. Nanobox and Nanopack projects have been in the works for a while and we just started to noise these projects around the development community. The attention these projects have garnered and how they have resonated with developers has been exciting, humbling, overwhelming, and validating.

Immediate Community Involvement

Internally, we posted a few project links on Hacker News, but our posts never received much traction. It wasn’t until members of the community posted links to our projects that they really took off. Since then, our inboxes have been filled with pull requests, issue submissions, and devs volunteering their efforts to help build Nanobox Engines and even platform integration adapters.

I speak collectively for our team when I give a heartfelt Thank you!

One goal of open-sourcing our projects has been to both build and contribute to a community that solves real-world problems developers face everyday. We are a relatively small team and have been looking at ways to speed up the development of these projects as well as getting outside perspective. Both the sharing of links by you, the community members, and the help we’ve received on projects has been overwhelming and very, very appreciated.

So What Now?

Obviously we want to ride this wave of momentum. We feel the best way to do that is through community engagement. Much of our effort in the coming weeks will be focused on working through all the pull requests and issue submissions, providing detailed documentation, and helping users really feel at home with Nanobox and other projects. We’ve already begun merging pull requests and are currently working through many of the issues submitted by the community.

Our main focus is on getting Nanobox Desktop stable and out of alpha as well as continuing to build the library of Nanobox Engines. Engines are where you can really get involved. Anybody can build and publish engines that can then be used by other devs (more info in the Nanobox documentation).

Shameless Plug: We’d also love to speak at conferences. If you’re a conference organizer and would like us to be involved, by all means, reach out.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Again, we can’t say thank you enough. This really has been a crazy couple of days and we’re excited for what the community has done and for what the future holds.

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